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Industries in general and chemical industries in particular experience various kinds of corrosion problems. In order to control corrosion in these industries, a multi facet approach is required. Though the systems cannot eliminate corrosion completely in all the cases it can be reduced to very low level. Material of construction stands first among the various factors responsible for the life of the equipments and other locations of industries.

M/s.Corosynth system is fully equipped to formulate, manufacture and test a wide variety of corrosion proof cement materials. You can very well expect a suitable answer for the material of construction of the lining for the Chemical and mechanical duty conditions from the list of products available. In selected cases products could be tailor-made to suit the end use with our experience and knowledge in this field.

The range of products manufactured by Corosynth system include Corrosion-proof cements based on silicates and other polymers, Bituminous products, Screeding systems and Coating Systems.

The services of Corosynth system do not end with manufacture alone.The consultancy services offered by Corosynth system is based on nearly 35 years of experience in this field .Indian and International Standards are taken in to account for arriving at a suitable specification . The service further stretches to undertaking challenging turnkey jobs and assignments tailormade to specific cases of erosion and corrosion.


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